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From The Daily Hampshire Gazette – Interactive Theater at Valley View Farm

 For the Gazette

 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HAYDENVILLE — Amanda Weisenthal has been a part of many productions during her theater career — from Broadway to high school plays — but rarely has she led the type of show scheduled to take place this weekend at a Haydenville farm.

Rather than sitting back and enjoying the show, audience members who attend the mystical production “The Realm of Fire” at Valley View Farm will be taken into a “magical world where they are completely part of the magic,” Weisenthal said. They will talk to the actors, figure out storylines and participate in the interactive theater adventure in several other ways.

Weisenthal said the show, being produced by the farm’s newest endeavor called FarmTheater, is unique because of the way it pulls the audience in and thrives off spontaneity and improvisation.

“It really allows for the audience to talk to the actors, and for the audience to figure things out so that the actors can do other things, so it really allows them to have a contribution to the show,” the director said. “You feel invested in it. It makes you think – it makes you care because you’re now a part of it.”

The premise of “The Realm of Fire” is to free the world from the Great Dragon with elves and fairies on candlelit trails through forest and meadow. The 45-minute show for all ages is filled with dwarfs, elves, fairies, a dragon and endless aesthetics. Theatergoers will be greeted by captivating costumes and fire tricks as they are guided along a half-mile trail through the farm’s grounds… to continue reading and see photos visit the article.